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airold (Vicente Cifuentes)

Jake Baddeley

Jake Baddeley is one of my favorite artists.  I have used his art in many of my series of posts.  His art always creates the sense of mystery that I am trying to convey.

balaa (Anastasia Korochansckaja)

Emily Balivet

I have used the beautiful Goddess art from Emily Balivet in numerous posts over time.

Carles (Pierre Carles)

Daniel Martin Diaz

What can I say about the amazing work of Daniel Martin Diaz?  Words like Dark, Symbolic, Spiritual, and Compelling, only begin to capture the paintings and drawings by this amazing artist.

eddiecalz (Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado)

Emerald-Depths (Danielle :3)

M. C. Escher

Escher is known for the optical illusions in his art.

Fesbraa (Felipe Escobar Bravo)

D. A. Freher

Found in the works of Jakob Böhme

I love the art of D.A. Freher in the works of Jakob Böhme.  The art is deeply symbolic and brings the mystical philosophy of Böhme to life.

Donato Giancola

giohorus (Gio Berishvili)

I love the art of giohorus!  The bold colors and psychedelic themes are amazing.

Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray symbolic visionary art is an amazing and transcendent.  This young Australian artist is worth checking out!

Pouyan Khosravi

J. Augustus Knapp

The art of J. Augustus Knapp is a critical component of 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' by Manly P. Hall.  I have included a link to the Philosophical Research Society above, but larger prints are also available on other sites.

Cristina McAllister

I have used many of Cristina McAllister's beautiful works of art in my posts.  I love her bold colors and geometric designs.

Autumn Skye Morrison

n4u2k (Jamie Oliver)

Kari Kuukasjärvi Parsakoira

Phantom Power

priteeboy (Matthew Attard)

Anirudh Sainath

I have used his great Hindu gods series in a number of posts.

Schneerf (Pyrrhos the Red)

J. R. Slattum

I love J. R. Slattum's dark, eerie, and fascinating art.

stelf-2014 (Stephan Stelf Charest)

Patrick Valenza

The Deviant Moon Tarot is one of my favorite decks, with its dark and unique symbolism.

Vrindavan Das

I have a print of his 'Saraswati' in my home.

George Frederick Watts

Xeeming (Seeming Watcher)

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Eye of Horus would be nothing without the work of the amazing artists featured in my posts.  In this page, I have tried to capture the names of the artists, and have provided links to purchase their work, where possible.

Check-out my Pinterest boards for image research, as well as additional links to source websites.  My boards are arranged by Topic:

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