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Eye of Horus

by Ma'at Heru

I came into being from unformed matter.
I came into existence as Khepra...

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About this Site

I started 'eyeofhorus1' on Instagram more than 3 years ago as a way to explore the depths of Spiritual Science, by combining symbolic imagery and text.  While the content is driven by my personal journey, I believe it is relevant to the journey of all people.  I have created this site to further organize and share my learning.

About Me

I am a Data Scientist, who has analyzed the behavior of hundreds of millions of people, across retail, media, hospitality, travel, transportation, gaming, communications, banking, and healthcare.  As a Data Scientist, I make my living exploring the big questions of business, but I am also interested in the big questions of existence.

I am a two-time cancer survivor, and these significant health challenges forced me to face my own mortality at a young age.  My existential crisis drove me to explore the great mysteries.  Where do we come from?  What is the nature of the universe?  What is the purpose of life?  Is there a higher power?  If so, what is the nature of God?

Why the Eye of Horus?

I have been drawn to the symbolism of the Eye of Horus (Ma'at Heru), and the philosophy and art of Ancient Egypt (Kemet) since I can remember.  The Eye of Horus is a symbol of Enlightenment.  It is a complex symbol, with many meanings, variously seen as the Eye of the Sun (Right - Ra - Active Creative Energy, Wisdom), or the Eye of the Moon (Left - Passive Capacity to Produce, Understanding).  It is a symbol of Divine Protection, seen as the Eye of the Providence of God.  In its highest form in humans, it represents the 3rd Eye of Spiritual Insight.


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